Grey on grey. How to go to a Bijoux Summer Party and come back with a pair of earrings. In Milano

Chiccosissima Anna da Re con un paio dei miei estivi paper earrings. Wow… I love it!

Chic After Fifty

Anna da Re Verde1

So it’s Friday and I am sparing you another selfie in the kitchen! Aren’t you grateful? I am sure you are!

Why a selfie in the car? Because I just bought this very pretty earrings and I wanted to show them to you! Am I not nice?

I bought the earrings yesterday evening, from a friend called Verde Alfieri, who was doing a Bijoux Show for friends and passers-by at the lovely restaurant called Dicocibo. Not very convenient for me, because it is at the opposite side of the city from where I work. But it was worth, oh yes it was.

There will a similar show next Sunday, if you want to go. You can find the information here:


Verde designs and creates jewels made of paper and strings: the new collection comprises complex necklaces with knots that create intricate and bizarre effects, aerial earrings decorated…

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